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Is your payroll process failing to hit the mark?

Human error, inflated costs and payroll inaccuracy are just some of the consequences of a poorly run payroll process

Clients all over the UK highlight the challenges they face as companies try to meet the pace of evolving needs, increased legislation and simply want ways to make payroll simple and accurate.

Many companies are still using manual processes, which makes payroll more labour intensive than it should be. Not only is this inefficient and time-consuming, it means you cannot respond to changes as readily as you should. Being slow to adapt damages your business and when a major event occurs, like the Covid-19 pandemic some businesses are simply ill equipped to take on new processes and support the staff.

This leads to disgruntled employees which may decide to leave the organisation. Whilst genuine mistakes happen, deliberate deception can cost your business dearly, especially if you do not have the proper checks and balances in place.

So how can we help?

Outsourcing your payroll to a trusted payroll bureau service. Many view outsourcing with a degree of scepticism, yet it is the most popular way to improve your payroll processes and in the majority of cases reduces costs

Payroll technology has evolved to automate most areas of the payroll processing, which in turn reduces errors, saves time and reduces the risk of losing employees through repeated errors and non-compliance.

It also frees up your employees time and where possible will allow you to cut your overheads. More than 60% of HR Managers we surveyed said they would outsource either part or all of their payroll process.

During the pandemic, many organisations who had not invested in technology faced real difficulties trying to run payrolls with staff working from home, poor communication and out dated equipment.

To ensure your company sees a return on investment and a reduction in errors which mitigates your risk of being fined

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