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Six Distinct Services | One Consultancy

Pendragon Consultancy is both a consultancy business providing expert advice to agencies, end clients and contractors where the contractor, agency worker, gig worker or freelancers engagement is impacted by employment law, Onshore and Offshore legislation and Off-payroll Reforms / IR35.  

There is so much to manage these days when running a business, from making sure your workforce is skilled, safe, well remunerated and ensuring your workers’ rights are compliantly observed. All this whilst looking after your customers and making a profit.
So it makes absolute sense to outsource a number of these areas to professionals with the relevant expertise to keep your business on the right track, enabling you and your team to do what they do best.

Our Core Values

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A professional employment organisation or PEO is a business that acts as an Employer of Record. They can offer additional benefits and services that businesses of all sizes can utilise. PEO can provide all of the benefits to employees that a regular internal HR department does.

.st0{fill:#e2de1e}.st1{fill:#e20613}Pendragon Global

Pendragon Global has two service offerings

We make hiring and employing contractors internationally less complicated. Pendragon Global’s EOR service is about supporting UK companies to hire the best talent around the globe.

A UK first is Pendragon Global’s IIACs service. An international invoicing and currency exchange service for businesses in the UK which provide services to non UK clients.

.st0{fill:#e2de1e}.st1{fill:#e20613}Pendragon Comply

Risks and threats have become everyday concerns. Beyond ordinary intermediaries compliance, there’s Pendragon Comply. This is your opportunity for you to engage us as a relevant and necessary partner in the effort to shape your compliance business processes.

.st0{fill:#e2de1e}.st1{fill:#e20613}Pendragon Consult

We advise Agencies and end client organisations on how to reduce the risks when engaging off -payroll workers, contractors, and freelancers; providing up to date information on changes to legislation and practical advice on the impact to their business.

.st0{fill:#e2de1e}.st1{fill:#e20613}Pendragon Umbrella

Umbrella employment provides workers with the security and advantages of being employed without the hassle of worrying about payroll or company accounts. What is unique to Umbrella companies is that they can employ under an overarching contract of employment enabling workers to carry out multiple short term assignments under one tax code and via one employer. Providing peace of mind, as we take care of the rest.

.st0{fill:#e2de1e}.st1{fill:#e20613}Pendragon Bureau

Some businesses view outsourcing with uncertainty, yet it is the most popular way to modernise and improve your company’s payroll processes; in particular reducing mistakes, freeing up staff and detecting fraudulent activity.

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