Professional Employer Organisation (PEO).

A single employment solution, costs are met by the hirer & VAT applies on the full invoice.

What Is PEO?

A professional employer organisation or PEO is a business that acts as an HR department for other businesses. They occasionally offer individual services that businesses of all sizes can utilise on their own. A PEO can provide all of the benefits that a regular internal HR department does, but they are not directly hired by the firm they work for.
In a way, hiring PEO is the same as outsourcing your HR department to another company. PEO typically work on a contract basis for you, but they are not your employees.

Pendragon PEO Services

Company’s Payroll Management

If you are expanding to a new country or region with distinct employment regulations and statutes, ensuring that your employees are paid the proper amount on time is critical. International PEOs understand foreign banking processes and how to comply with tax rules. As a result, they can help you stay compliant with employment and tax laws.

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Complying With Local Regulations

You can hire a PEO to advise you on relevant regulations and legislation whether you employ individuals in that location full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis. It can help you save a lot of legal or financial trouble down the road. Our Compliance professionals can help you prepare, manage and keep in line with the ever shifting regulatory environment. 

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Employee Benefits Management

It might be difficult to ensure that everyone receives the correct employee benefits when you don’t have a great HR team and information system. This is especially true when the employment perks are altered frequently. If you’re a startup or working in a new location, a PEO may offer advice and direction on the best kind of benefits to offer. They consider what benefits packages will attract the best personnel for your company as well as cultural norms and expectations in the area.

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Multi-Jurisdiction Hiring

A PEO can assist you in finding the right people in any jurisdiction, ensuring that they sign the appropriate contracts depending on the region. They can take part or all of the anguish out of recruitment, even if you’re merely hiring at home. They can also assist in ‘anonymising’ internal recruitment, modernising recruiting processes, advising on the best social media recruiting strategy for your organisation, and ensuring you avoid any e-recruitment traps.

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Working with Pendragon PEO can drastically reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Our tailored services can help you increase the value of your job offer by including inclusive perks and wellness support.

No Fees Contacting

Embracing the ‘new normal’ means responding to market demands with efficiency and agility. Pendragon Consultancy offer a tailored and distinctive approach to providing flexible employment solutions for flexible workers and are excited to announce their latest addition, ReWorked next generation PAYE

Regardless of the size of your organisation, Pendragon Consultancy provides direct employment for contractors, freelancers, consultants, interim’s or gig workers.
Incorrect assessment and underpayments have led to costly lessons like naming and shaming in NMW audits. There are priorities to consider when looking to outsource direct employment either via ReWorked PAYE or Umbrella.