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Ideal for Inside IR35

Employing a UK workforce, even when your company is based elsewhere

ReWorked is an ideal solution for International companies with no UK base or a small satellite office in the UK. We are currently partnering with companies from the USA and Asia, providing support where they most need it, alleviating the need for local HR teams or payroll staff in the UK for the sole purpose of engaging a contract workforce. With continued changes in UK off-payroll legislation and the forthcoming IR35 Reforms, we are receiving requests from international companies for assistance with engaging their UK workforce. Pendragon via ReWorked act as your employment partner and employer of record with UK authorities taking care of all the important matters on your behalf.

We support Clients with or without a UK base, but have a need or an obligation to carry out work in the UK. They are already benefiting from Pendragon’s expertise and advisory services. For all your flexible employment needs, ReWorked is the only alternative solution to incorporate the best of PEO and Umbrella employment but even better.

How does it work?

• Pendragon directly employs the contractors or temporary staff via PAYE

• Absolutely no fees to the workers

• Take on the employer responsibilities as the employer of record.

• Meet all statutory obligations

• Provide dedicated support and advice

• HR and payroll services

• Full administrative support

• Full transparency and compliance

Your Company

• Enters into a B2B contract with Pendragon Consultancy to provide the services

• Pay Pendragon the associated employment costs

• Peace of mind that your business can focus on what it does best

*It should be noted that there are minimum wage and holiday requirements and mandatory rules for pension in the UK. Even with increased compliance and rule changes around UK employment; with our help it is relatively simple to engage and employ a contract workforce, compared to other EU countries.*

If you’re considering your options or re-evaluating your current requirements, consult with us first!

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