Umbrella workers to receive unfair treatment under CJRS

FCSA are actively lobbying on behalf of the circa 625,000 umbrella employees who would be affected by this guidance to ensure that they fairly receive furloughed pay based on their average earnings and not solely on 80% of NMW.”The current guidance from Government is that workers via umbrella companies would have their pay calculated only on the NMW and not their average pay like all other agency workers. How is this fair? they are also agency workers?Pendragon Consultancy as fully accredited members of FCSA are supporting this drive to make the government treat our workers fairly.If you’re an Umbrella worker and want to lend your voice to help, email us for a template letter to send to your MP requesting their intervention, so that you are treated fairly during this crisis.If you would like to know more read the link.[widget id=”recent-posts-2″]