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UK Employment Solutions for Overseas Businesses

December 17, 2020

Uncertain Times for Overseas Businesses

In these uncertain times and with events such as COVID-19 and Brexit, many international companies who have a UK presence to enable them to employ contract staff with specialist skills are choosing to withdraw from the UK. Overseas offices are expensive to run - costs for legal teams, HR staff and payroll staff all mount up when looking to pay your contractors by PAYE* (Pay As You Earn) and businesses can no longer afford to incur the additional expense.However, you don’t need to have that satellite office and bear those additional costs, there is an alternativeThe Alternative SolutionPendragon Consultancy is uniquely placed to provide all the support you need.We are fully accredited experts in employment, compliance, tax and payroll legislation, specifically aimed at the contracting sector. Our compliance knowledge is unrivalled, and our offerings tailored made to meet the needs of both UK and International businesses.How it WorksWe are able to employ the contractors on your behalf via PAYE with full employment rights and benefits. All legal and HR liability is covered by Pendragon. Contractors are covered by our £25M insurance policies for EL, PL and PI. You can rest assured that we are the compliant employer of record and will make all statutory deductions to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs).Similarly, your contractors have no need to worry about tax liabilities from using non-compliant solutions or being wrongly assessed against IR35 (the off-payroll tax legislation). They are employed and paid via PAYE by Pendragon Consultancy on your behalf with no fees paid by them for our services.Clarity without the DramaYour company enters into a B2B contract with Pendragon Consultancy and you pay the employment costs of the contractor which includes a small margin for our services.Our online portal will provide you with complete transparency for client invoices and details of all employees managed by your company. The contractors have visibility of payslips and tax forms such as P60s.It is simple. It is efficient, and above all it is compliant.For a free consultation of how this can work for you to enable you to continue to engage a UK contract workforce with the specialist skills that you need, please contact our experienced team atreworked for more information.*PAYE - The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system is a method of employers deducting UK income tax and national insurance contributions from an employee’s salary.

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