Truly Testing Times for All

Have you been asked to take a pay cut for fear of redundancy?If you have, you maybe some of the lucky ones. Others have been automatically furloughed or lost their jobs altogether.The CJRS (Job Retention Scheme) officially launched yesterday with a record 140,000 companies applying for help, but will it be enough to save those businesses and in turn keep people in jobs?The Chancellor announced an extension to CJRS until the end of June, so for now the lockdown is with us for some months to come. Rightly so if there’s risk of further widespread infection; impacting our wonderful NHS staff fighting on the frontline ….. but it isn’t easy.It is important to communicate with staff, even if the news isn’t positive. Keeping them in the loop about difficult decisions where possible, could serve you well when the outlook improves. It’s better to have their support and commitment when it’s time to start growing the business again.Click here for more information.