The Perfect Solution for the Unaddressed Umbrella Company Market Woes

The UK government took longer than expected to publish its findings on the ‘call for evidence February 2022’ for the umbrella industry and the recently published consultation with suggested options to regulate the umbrella company market closes at 11:59pm on 29 August 2023.

This prolonged delay not only puts contractors at an increased financial risk but also stokes concerns over the transparency and responsiveness of the government. Against this backdrop, the services provided by Pendragon Umbrella can offer valuable relief for those grappling with the complications posed by the industry’s murkiness which includes theft of holiday pay, salary skimming, and lack of acknowledgement of employment rights.

There’s a marked rise in the number of contractors providing services through umbrella companies. This shift, fuelled by changes to the IR35 legislation, has led to significant administrative burdens for hiring organisations. Unfortunately, this has also opened the door for unscrupulous entities offering non-compliant umbrella services as fronts for tax avoidance schemes, leaving contractors in precarious financial situations.

This is where Pendragon Umbrella can step in. Our firm offers expert guidance to contractors, and support to navigate the changing landscape safely.

Pendragon’s diligent compliance process ensures contractors are protected from potentially disastrous interactions with non-compliant umbrella companies and agencies. Moreover, by offering a clear, streamlined way to handle their employment, payroll and tax responsibilities, we remove the administrative burden from both the contractors and hiring organisations.

While the government is taking its time to resolve the issues contractors face and harm it is doing to many of the 1.7M temporary workers in the UK, Pendragon is already a few steps ahead. We have been closely monitoring these changes and adapting our services to meet the emerging needs. It’s not merely about staying compliant, that’s a given– we are committed to creating a safe and fair umbrella employment ecosystem where contractors can operate with peace of mind, and a promise to receive their statutory rights.

The government’s delay, although frustrating, underlines the importance of the services we offer at Pendragon. The umbrella company market is rife with complexity and potential pitfalls, yet we aim to simplify these processes, ensure compliance, and provide support that contractors can rely on. However there are still contractors that only care about how cheap the margin for the service is not, realising that cheaper will always be more expensive in the long run in many other ways, and especially when things go wrong. Pendragon Umbrella provide an affordable service which covers all the costs of providing top tier services that can be relied on in a crisis

At Pendragon Consultancy, we acknowledge that the IR35 changes and the shift towards umbrella companies have posed challenges for contractors and hiring organisations alike. However, we firmly believe that these challenges can be surmounted through proactive compliance, clear communication, and a firm commitment to best practices.

While stakeholders anxiously await the government’s findings, Pendragon Consultancy continues to advocate for transparency and accountability in the umbrella company market. We remain dedicated to providing a safe haven for contractors navigating the turbulent waters of the industry, offering stability and reliability amidst the uncertainty.

In conclusion, Pendragon Umbrella is a reliable, transparent, and a compliant partner that mitigates the risks associated with the UK’s umbrella company market.

As the government grapples with a response to this issue, Pendragon stands as a beacon of clarity, offering practical solutions for contractors and hiring organisations. We are here to ensure that everyone involved gets a fair deal, all while maintaining utmost compliance with the ever-evolving legislative landscape.