Pendragon Umbrella

As a reputable and trusted FCSA accredited umbrella employment partner, Pendragon Umbrella has been helping companies, agencies and contractors stay compliant with employment regulations for years. With expertise in areas such as IR35, tax compliance and employment law, they are ideally placed to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of UK employment law and tax regulations.

Pendragon Umbrella provides a range of benefits to contractors, including access to employment benefits such as sick pay, holiday pay, workplace and SIPP pension schemes, and a range of benefits, rewards and discount offering. By handling all the payroll-related tasks on behalf of the contractor, including invoicing, tax calculations and payments to HMRC, Pendragon Umbrella simplifies the payroll process, saving time and reducing stress for contractors.

One of the key benefits of using Pendragon Umbrella is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your employment status is clear in that you are an employee and that you are paying your taxes and national insurance contributions correctly. With the introduction of IR35 regulations, many contractors have found it increasingly challenging to determine their employment status. However, by working with Pendragon Umbrella, contractors can be confident that they are operating within the law and avoiding the risk of costly fines or not receiving their statutory rights.

Pendragon Umbrella also offers a range of additional services to contractors, including employment advice, tax law support, and help with contract negotiations with agencies. By providing a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of the contractor, Pendragon Umbrella allows contractors to focus on what they do best while leaving the administrative tasks to us as the experts.

In conclusion, Pendragon Umbrella offers a highly valuable service to contractors who want to ensure that they are receiving their dues, staying compliant with employment regulations, and accessing employment benefits. With its expertise in compliance, payroll and employment law, Pendragon is the ideal partner for businesses and contractors who want to operate within the law and benefit from the security and peace of mind of working with an established and reputable partner.