Pendragon Consultancy comment – Spotlight 54

A stark warning from HMRC to NHS professionals returning to support the COVID-19 crisis. Umbrella companies offering tax avoidance schemes, are a huge factor within the NHS and one that hasn’t been properly addressed by Government since the IR35 changes in 2017.HMRC has now published Spotlight 54 warning is, anyone entering into a tax avoidance scheme after a spotlight has been published can expect a tax enquiry and potential fines. In our view it’s not the workers that should be threatened, it’s the promoters and enablers of these schemes.Pendragon is supporting our healthcare clients’ at this time by providing administrative support to pre-register compliance checks and pre-assess NHS returners to save time, so that the client can focus on the vital deployment of NHS workers.Our clients’ have thousands of opportunities for Nurses and Doctors of all grades. If you’re available, get in touchSimpler | Fairer | SaferProfessional Employment Organisation[widget id=”recent-posts-2″]