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You’re an employment agency, or a business placing contractors, and you’re looking for a partner who can enable you to keep on the right side of the law, irrespective of the country you’re placing people, as well as offering the best possible in-role support for contractors placed by your clients.

The thing is, your clients are multinational organisations, working across territories, with global business interests, and for them, an entire division of the business exists to take care of employees. They’re looking to you to replicate this for their contract hires (contractors). Your clients expect you to deliver a multifaceted turnkey solution which makes you a single, simple, phone call. Not much to expect, hey!?

So, who are you turning to for your fully managed international client hiring service?

We’re Pendragon Consultancy, and we’re the only call you need to make.

Bold claim? Yes. True fact? Yes.

Whilst others working in our space offer bite-sized chunks (packaged as ‘specializing’*) we offer you a Michelin star-rated 6-course meal, served white glove style. If Fred Sirieix did contractor employment services, he’d be our front-of-house manager. Style, and substance. Enhancing the customer experience for contractors and agencies alike.

Now there’s undeniably a place for the gourmet dirty burger* in every industry. That humble yet mighty classic. We can admire that, for sure. Doing that one thing, extremely well. But it’s not us. It’s not what Pendragon Consulting clients look to us for. We’re the multi-course fine dining experience that you’re telling your closest friends to only share with those they really value. An ‘in’ secret that you don’t want to share with just anyone.

What’s on the Pendragon Consultancy menu?

All our services

Here I can’t overemphasise the level of Pendragon’s service. Think of any capital city’s finest private dining experience. With Pendragon, it’s like having the concierge on speed dial, and a table always available (even when, for anyone else, there’s a 12-month wait). Once at your table, you’re being attended to by the maître d’, and the sommelier brings you wines reserved exclusively for the restaurant’s most valued customers. I’m not remotely over-egging the omelette here (although the food metaphor has run its course).

How is this possible?

  • Decades of experience
  • Multi-disciplinary knowledge
  • Big enough to be global.
  • Small enough to care.
  • Agile and responsive expertise-based service

Pendragon Consultancy: keeps you compliant, wherever you place contractors, whatever the situation.