We are delighted to announce Pendragon Umbrella a trading brand of Pendragon Consultancy has formally agreed to a joint working pilot with JobsAware for the Umbrella sector

Pendragon has long been a champion of compliance along with worker rights, so we were happy to be the first to throw or hat in the ring for selection.  This initiative is the brainchild of  the Jobs Aware Payment Intermediaries sub-committee, a joint working committee for Trade bodies, Government agencies, HMRC and BEIS, Payment intermediaries and Compliance specialists.  By participating in the pilot Pendragon also wanted to demonstrate our proactive commitment to protecting the rights of contractors  by supporting this initiative to raise awareness of the scheme and sign positing JobsAware on our website and payslips.

Chief Executive, Janet De-Havilland, Pendragon Consultancy said:

Protecting worker rights has never been so important and we are proud to be taking part in the JobsAware pilot. We will work to raise awareness and ensure that this invaluable resource becomes the trusted go to for educating non-permanent workers of their rights, whilst enabling those encountering non-compliant practices or scams to be able to report it directly.

JobsAware Chair, Keith Rosser, said:

“By working closely with the umbrella sector, we believe we can reach an even larger audience to help address critical sector issues, share information and tackle the non-compliance that we know the industry can face”.

The agreed principles of joint working with key members of the umbrella sector are:

●             Demonstrate that Payment Intermediary partners are working proactively to protect contractor rights.

●             A place to refer contractors that have concerns about their employment.

●             A place to refer contractors that need general employment help or advice.

●             An opportunity for Payment Intermediary partners to engage with UK Government, through the sub-committee, to discuss issues and opportunities in the sector.

●             A place for Payment Intermediary partners to report abuse, such as contractor fraud.

So, what does this mean and how will it help contractors?

The aim is to refer contractors who have any concerns about their employment via an agency or umbrella company or end client. Contractors can report suspected abuses such as scams, fake adverting , non-compliant schemes , non-payment for work done or if you believe you haven’t or aren’t receiving all the rights due to you as a worker.

It is important to note that initial contact should be to your employer or agency that you are working through to try to get a resolution but help and advice on what to is now available in one place.

To stay safe in your job search or employment via a payment intermediary or agency please visit the JobsAware website for free help and advice.