IR35 reforms private sector – 21 days left for richer

The IR35 announcement in last weeks budget, was a bit of damp squib by all accounts. It didn’t even get a mention in the Chancellors main speech.Nevertheless don’t let that colour your judgement as to how important and comprehensive these changes will be to the contracting sector. It is time for those AGENCIES and End Clients which have not yet acted to make the decision, as you really don’t have much time left to get your house in order.Not scaremongering, it’s factual. Don’t trust the governments’ statement that there will be a soft landing by HMRC. This will only apply to organisations which have done the work but might not be getting it right, it will not apply to those which didn’t even start the process.If you are struggling to get clear and compliant advice, or you just don’t know where to start, get in touch.Click here for more info.[widget id=”recent-posts-2″]