IR35! Enough already

Have a lay down and let Pendragon Consultancy take the strainWhat is fascinating and at the same time alarming is all the scaremongering and hype. Maybe you don’t have access to professional advisors, or you’re just following the IR35 gurus and think, I can do that.But there are end clients/ agencies out there looking for a professional partner offering practical solutions and advice which can be applied to their business models not just generic ones.Pendragon is doing just that, supporting agencies/end clients with robust and practical processes that work in a live situation.*Assessing working practices against IR35 rules*Identifying critical roles undertaken by a PSC*Supporting end clients in making SDS’s providing ‘reasonable care’*Workshops for engaging PSCs, advertising, communications, hiring processes post April. It can’t be BAU, currently most adverts are aimed at hiring an employee which could put you at risk.With decades of experience and expertise within the off-payroll and recruitment sectors, these are some of the areas we are already supporting.We’d be delighted to support you too, just get in touch.