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Pendragons IR35 assessment

Conducted via an online assessment which would be sent to the  End-Client and the Contractor, once agreement has been reached to utilise Pendragon’s services.This is the preliminary process which should include providing supporting documentation such as the contract between the End Client and the contractor to support the answers; after which a manual review will also be undertaken by one of our IR35 specialist consultants

The findings of which will be included in a summarised report. Under normal conditions this will produce the legally required Status Determination Statement (SDS) indicating a Pass or Fail where a much fuller report on findings will be provided.

Outsourced IR35 compliance management and *Fee Payer service

Engages both client and contractor in the assessment process

Pendragon in partnership, managing the compliance process from end to end ensuring that clients are fully compliant and prepared for April 2021

Providing IR35 advice and support

Reviewing current working practices for each client and providing and summary report showing where improvements can be made

Suitable for organisations in the Private sector & Public Sector

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