Pendragon Global -International Invoicing Agent & Currency Service ( IIACS)

Offers an exciting new business service,where we help customers to invoice collect, convert, pay and manage in multiple currencies simultaneously — anywhere in the world.

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From SME’s to Corporates- businesses are not always aware that there is an alternative to changing currency through their bank. Some just don’t like the idea of setting up their own account with an FX company and doing the transactions themselves, so they put up with the uncompetitive rates that the bank offers. Now there is an alternative for business to outsource their currency exchange to Pendragon Global IIACS. We provide a fully managed service, handling the currency exchange and sending or receiving payments on your behalf and can still provide you with bank beating rates.

Pendragon Global IIACS offers an new innovate service and are the only company able to provide third party KYC/AML/SOF for clients using our services. We do not advertise rates to draw you in which you can’t achieve! We provide a quote and that is what you will actually receive*subject to terms and conditions.

No need to search for the best rate, we secure that for you and make the exchange. Get in touch to start working with us.

Who is this service for?

If you are a UK business, corporate or SME, providing services to international clients you can outsource the settling of your invoices or if paid in local currency we can provide bank beating rates on currency exchange.

Cost & Time saving

No need to search online for the best rate or to have to set up an account and administer it yourself – Pendragon Global do it all for you, enabling you to do what you do best.

How does it work?

Pendragon Global acts as your international agent – and we can either invoice your clients on your behalf or make a payment on your behalf in local currency. As your agent, PG are able to secure bank beating currency rates for your transaction, not available to businesses on the open market.

What do you get?
  • Fully outsourced and managed agent services
  • Transactions typically complete within hours.( *subject to completed AML checks and all information provided upon request)
  • No hidden fees or commission
  • Currencycloud are FCA regulated
  • Underwritten by Barclays Bank Plc
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