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What we do

Pendragon Consultancy is a boutique consultancy business offering two distinct services

We support business to engage, assess and employ their contract workforce compliantly and efficiently; helping them to navigate the constant changes and challenges that brings.

Consultancy Services

Our team has decades of expertise in providing advice on the engagement, assessment and employment of a flexible contract workforce. Clients typically utilise our services when they are either about to start hiring contractors, freelancers, temporary and gig workers, or they have already hired them and are using various services which have presented compliance issues. Our specialisms include employing law, employment status, tax legislation and payroll. We provide independent advice, based on real situation experience, not based on theory and conjecture. We translate the legal aspects into everyday language and how to apply it in your actual business situation.

In addition we provide outsourced compliance services, where businesses engage Pendragon to undertake supply chain compliance audits specifically in the contracting sector. You will be among hundreds of businesses that are already outsourcing the employment of their workers to Pendragon.

Employment Solutions

Pendragon are industry leaders when it comes to compliance within the contracting sector, and testament to this has been our ability to not only meet but exceed industry standards. We are the first company to pass the FCSA accreditation in 15 weeks so early in our company’s journey, and continue to excel by passing the 2020 FCSA audit during the pandemic. In 2019 we were selected as Parliamentary Review 2019 Best practice representative for our industry.

We offer a range of Umbrella and  PAYE employed solutions to meet the needs of our clients and their contractors. Please see Umbrella Solutions and PAYE ReWorked pages for more details.

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